What is Pushing Mongo? Should skateboarding be used?

Currently skateboarding is becoming a good sport for health and many participants. You want to play the skateboard to learn the necessary skills. Players must comply with the skills to play well. Currently there are many errors when many people suffer from skateboarding. One of them is Pushing Mongo. So what is Pushing Mongo?

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What is Pushing Mongo?

Push Mongo just like Skateboard Mongo. These terms are only ways that players have wrong skateboarding. Meaning you use the front leg to move the board forward. At the same time, you put the following legs in the wrong position between the chessboard. Meanwhile using the push board moves forward properly to use the rear leg.

This way of playing only those who are new to skateboarding, do not have much experience encountered. If you are a newcomer with this subject, pay attention. Otherwise it will form a bad habit and not a professional skateboard.

Pushing Mango is a posture not to do                   

How is Pushing right in skateboarding?

Even if you are a beginner, don’t push Mongo. But refer to the right ways to form good habits. After that only regular practice will become professional.

How to push many people who apply are the front legs to near the wheels of the front and back skis are pushed. Foot-legged legs are like many other ordinary people. As you use the left leg to bring it up to the front, it’s a goofy posture.

Why do professional skateboards don’t like Mongo posture?

In fact, people do not show the prohibition of pushing Mongo. However, it was judged by the submerged community and provided regulations to comply with. Pushing Mongo is wrong, people will condemn and mock themselves.

So why are people so prejudiced? Skateboarding does not have any binding. Every posture can be creative in its own style. Young skateboarding athletes have continuous innovations in how to play. They always want to create new and eye-catching steps. But if you push Mongo, those styles will be pushed back. In fact, pushing Mongo is extremely bad.

In recent times, the skating athletes have condemned Mango. They offered criticism and mockery with that action when skating.


Why push Mongo into a bad posture?

It’s not natural that people hate this posture. But it has a lot of drawbacks that professional skateboarding athletes do not like. Some specific reasons:

  • Pushing Mongo is not the same as other poses that look strange.
  • If you use a suitable posture, it will take very little time. On the contrary, pushing Mongo takes a lot of time because the foot needs more impact.
  • You will not be rested but must constantly need the following legs. After that the skateboard tail will not be able to move quickly.
  • The skateboarder will be very difficult to go to the cracks with Mongo push posture. Only when placing the right posture, can you lift the nose and jump over the crack.
  • Pushing Mongo also slows down the movement speed. With flip-flip tips, it’s really impossible.

Through sharing information, surely you already know what is pushing mongo? East you also understand more that should not make that posture. However in some cases people can still use it.

But it is best not to use this posture when starting. Because it will make you form bad habits. When they were accustomed to Pushing Mongo, it was difficult to play the right posture. Having become a professional skateboarding athlete is impossible. Please note what is pushing mongo and limit its use.

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