Known for its wireless chargers and other tech devices, Mophie is a popular brand. However, it is not infallible. The difficulty you’re experiencing with your Mophie charger is not an isolated incident.

Is there a problem with your Mophie charger? Is it prone to shutting down frequently? This problem can be caused by malfunction, overheating, improper connections, reckless use, etc. There’s nothing to be concerned about! Resetting, re-checking, fixing and correct use are all possible solutions.

Understanding why and how your charger is acting up will help you avoid a battle with it. You’ll discover everything you need to know about why and how this problem occurs in just one article.

Possible causes of a non-functioning Mophie charger

Because the Mophie wireless charger is a technological device, it’s only natural that you’d encounter issues with it. Failure of the charger can be caused by a variety of factors. If you have a problem, let’s figure out which one it is.

Inadequate Power Source

It’s possible that your charger won’t operate because of a bad power supply. The charger’s performance suffers when there is a power outage. The socket can also play a role in this. The gadget will not be able to function properly if the socket is defective or poorly designed.

Problems with the Power Cord

In order for the charger to function, the power supply cable must be free of any damage. Third-party, low-quality cords and cables can damage your phone and the charger. Sometimes, unsuitable cords, older lines or force plugs cause charging issues.

Issues with the Program

It’s possible that your phone is the source of the problem. When your phone is infected with viruses and spyware, the phone and its charger can be damaged. If your phone won’t charge, it could be because of out-of-date or unapproved software or incorrect alignment.

The Hitch That Works

The products might also be damaged from the inside out. Internal issues can cause the device to malfunction. Broken chips, ports, or other materials may be to blame. This could be a one-time thing or something that lasts a lifetime. Any of the above-mentioned causes (including but not limited to water or device mishandling) can cause this.


It’s no secret that most modern technology is easily damaged by foreign matter. It’s possible that your Mophie charger won’t work if it’s dirty or otherwise unclean. Passing airways are obstructed by pet hair, dust, grime, and other unclean debris. The wireless sensor can be obstructed by a variety of substances, including dust.

Bulky Cell Phone Covers

Many of us now utilize bulky phone cases to both protect and beautify our mobile devices. There are several downsides to using these covers, though. Mophie’s wireless charging pads, stands, and mounts all use a sensor to charge your device. In some cases, a bulky phone case will get in the way of charging your device.

What To Do When Your Mophie Charger Won’t Charge

Let’s take a look at the probable causes and solutions for your Mophie charger’s malfunction and wireless charge.


Consider rechecking your plugin settings and cable connection before blaming the device. They could be loose or not properly plugged in. It is common for us to forget to turn the power on or to use the wrong wire.


The simplest and most basic option is to start over from scratch. In order to properly charge your phone, try restarting or rebooting it. Your wireless charger can be restarted as well. Another option is to try turning the switch on and off and unplugging and replugging the cords and cord.


Every day, Mophie brings you the newest in mobile tech. Pressing a button on their wireless charging pad will restart it. The charger can be reset by simply unplugging it and inserting it back in.


The possibility of your phone’s software malfunctioning because of a malfunctioning charger is critical. As a result, the best course of action is to maintain your mobile applications up to date. Don’t hesitate to restore your phone’s functions if necessary.


The best place to put your charger pad, mount, or stand is somewhere that isn’t a nuisance. If your socket or outlet isn’t working properly, you should replace it. It’s time to get a new cable or wire. It’s possible that a USB C port might take its place. Check to see if your phone is centered on the pad.


Take your charger to the store if it turns out to be defective from the inside. When purchasing, be sure to inspect everything thoroughly. Mophie’s warranty policy may be found here.


When using a Mophie wireless charging stand or pad, make sure your phone and Apple products are compatible with the device. Qi-enabled wireless charging works with any iPhone model. Please read the charger’s manual and the specs of your phone before using it.


Ensure that the surface on which your Mophie charger is placed is free of dirt and debris. Try to avoid allowing dust and dirt to accumulate on any of these components. Clean these locations as often as you can if you can.

When Charging, Consider These Pointers

When using a phone, power bank, or charger to charge, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you don’t, your products won’t last long and will cease working.

Avoid Interruptions

You should not be able to use your phones, power banks, or any other electronic equipment while they are charging. They require a constant supply of energy and power. If you use the product while it is charging or unplug the charger in the middle of the process, you risk damaging the phone, the battery, and the charger.

Remove the Shield.

You should remove your phone’s cover before charging if you use a case or a cover. Connect your phone to the charging base, port, or sensor in this fashion. It will also keep the charger and phone from overheating. If you can, utilize lighter and thinner casings whenever possible.

Try a Different Adapter Out There

If your phone won’t charge, try a different charger to see if the issue is with your phone or the charger. No other phone or gadget can be charged if your Mophie charger stops working.

Keep It Secure

Make an effort to keep the area where you charge your devices tidy. The use of a multiplug or a third-party cord is preferable than employing a direct connection to a power charger. Avoid putting the charger in a vulnerable position where it could break or be knocked over. Children and other electrical devices should be kept away from it.

Mophie Portable Charger How-to

Because of this, Mophie is transitioning us from wired charging to a more modern, wireless charging system. That is why the company has unveiled a new, fashionable and easy-to-carry portable charger that charges quickly. Your charger must be charged as well, because the device is portable. What do you think?

  • You can use the USB cord that came with your purchase to charge your phone or tablet.
  • Connect the USB wire to an appropriate power source.
  • Wait for the alternating LED light on the charger’s bottom to stop.
  • Chargers are considered fully charged when all four lights on the charger are solidly illuminated.
  • Using your charger, disconnect the USB from your Mophie.

Benefits Of Using Mophie Portable Charger

When it comes to wireless chargers, you can’t go wrong with Mophie’s offerings. An good solution to the problem of charging is a portable Mophie charger. It’s over with the cable squabbles.

  • If you wish, you can take it wherever you go
  • An uninterruptible power supply is provided.
  • Cameras, iPods, and laptops can all be recharged.
  • Various forms, hues, and patterns can be found.
  • Low-cost and easy-to-maintain
  • Multiple USB ports are available for connecting a variety of different devices.
  • Using less power and charging quickly
  • iPhone X, 12 Pro and all others are supported.
  • The Apple Watch, iPad Air, and iPad Pro can be charged at the same time.

The Question Is Frequently Asked

In what ways can I recharge the battery pack of the Mophie Optimus?

Connect your phone’s USB port to your charger by attaching the phone’s battery. When the phone is charged, the battery plus icon will appear on the display and the juice pack will be accessible.

What Is The Best Way To Reset A Mophie Charger?

Remove the USB cable from the port. The battery pack can be activated by pressing the button on the rear. Push it again after 10 seconds to deactivate it.

How can I get my Mophie Charging Case back to full capacity?

It may happen because there is an issue with the power button or power switch on the outer side of the battery casing. In order to avoid this, you need first charge your phone with a wireless charger.

What’s going on with my Mophie Wireless Charging?

When your phone is plugged into a charger, but the charger is unable to transfer power, your phone will flicker. In addition, the charger begins to blink when the battery is low.

How Can I Tell If My Mophie Charger Is Faulty?

Other devices cannot be charged if there is an issue with the Mophie charger. If you can charge your phone with another charger, power cable, or converter, your Mophie charger is faulty and has to be replaced.

Finally, I would like to mention

It’s impossible to ignore the progress and advantages that Mophie’s innovative chargers and other products provide. For individuals whose batteries run out quickly, Mophie’s wireless and portable chargers are a godsend.

They are, however, far from indestructible. Chargers can be damaged and rendered inoperable by a variety of factors, including improper use, flaws, dirt, and more. If the Mophie charger isn’t working, there are a number of ways to fix the problem.


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