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A refrigerator is without question one of the most essential home appliances. It maintains the freshness of food, reducing trips to the grocery store, and in certain cases offers chilled water and ice on demand. Your refrigerator is also the most labor-intensive item in your home. While other appliances, such as a dishwasher or microwave, operate just when needed, a refrigerator operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Refrigerators, like other home appliances, are susceptible to daily wear and strain and require maintenance. Some repairs can be performed by the homeowner, while others require an experienced technician from a firm such as Don’s Appliances. Let’s examine some frequent difficulties with household refrigeration and the repairs related with these issues.

The water dispenser is not working:

Refrigerators with external water and ice dispensers are susceptible to service issues associated with the external dispenser. The most typical cause of a malfunctioning dispenser is a frozen water tube in the door. If the freezer’s temperature is too low, this tube may freeze. The freezer should be set from 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit. A common cause of a malfunctioning water dispenser is a kink in the supply line that connects to the refrigerator. When moving a refrigerator to clean it, it is typical to accidently run over the supply line, which can kink the line and prevent water from reaching the dispenser and ice machine. If neither of these is the source of the issue, it is advised to contact a service technician.

The refrigerator causes the freezing of food:

If your refrigerator is freezing your food, the thermostat is likely to blame. If the thermostat fails to shut off the compressor when the desired temperature is reached, the device will continue to cool, causing the refrigerator section to freeze. Additionally, the back of the refrigerator contains vents that allow air to circulate. If an object is pressed against the vents, the item may freeze. Ensure there is room between the food in the refrigerator’s rear and the air vents on the back panel.


Frost has accumulated on the ice dispenser:

This is a common issue with a reasonably simple solution. So that ice can fall from your ice dispenser, it must be capable of opening and closing. This door that allows ice to fall when it opens and closes is known as a damper door. The damper door is lined with a substance that creates an airtight barrier against the ice shoot. If this material on the door becomes deformed or soiled, it may no longer be able to close effectively, enabling damp air to enter the freezer chamber. When this air cools, it transforms into frost, creating airflow and cooling concerns. If you experience this issue, simply inspect the damper door for anything that could be allowing air to escape. It may only require a thorough cleaning, or you may need to purchase a replacement part. If you are unable to change this seal yourself, Don’s Appliances offers a comparatively reasonable solution.

There is ice accumulation in the freezer:

If you discover that ice is accumulating in your freezer, there are a number of potential causes. First, a faulty door gasket could be allowing in damp air that freezes and forms ice. The gasket must maintain a tight seal in order to prevent this air from entering. Additionally, a leaking gasket can cause more ice to form on the evaporator, blocking airflow and causing the compressor to run virtually nonstop. Examine the gasket to ensure that it forms a tight seal and search for spots where frost has accumulated. If the gasket is degraded or damaged, it must be replaced. A malfunctioning defrost timer can potentially cause ice buildup in the freezer. Modern frost-free refrigerator freezers employ a defrost heater to melt any frost that may form on the evaporator coil. This timer should turn the heater on and off at regular intervals to keep the evaporator frost-free. If the timer fails, the heater may not operate, resulting in frost or ice blocking the evaporator. This will also lead the compressor to run nearly continuously in an attempt to maintain a predetermined temperature.

If your refrigerator is exhibiting some of these symptoms and there is no clear solution, it is recommended that you contact a service provider like Don’s. Depending on the age of your refrigerator, the cost of a comparable model, the cost of a repair, and the refrigerator’s brand, it may be more cost-effective to replace it than to have it repaired. A twenty-year-old unit, for example, is typically not worth repairing because it has outlived its estimated lifespan. If the unit is a smaller, top-freezer kind that is affordable to replace, it may not be worthwhile to invest in its repair. For instance, replacing a top freezer that is eight years old may cost between five hundred and six hundred dollars. Instead of possibly spending hundreds of dollars on service, it may be more prudent to simply replace the device. If the unit is a built-in model, such as a Sub-Zero, which can easily cost upwards of ten thousand dollars to replace, it might be prudent to get it fixed. Twenty to thirty years is the estimated lifespan of these built-in models, which is considerably longer than that of a freestanding model. A competent service provider, such as Don’s, will give you frank advise on whether it makes sense to replace or purchase a new model, as well as information on which brands have the longest predicted lifespan.

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